Just a foothold in the sea

There are hundreds of islands out there, of different sizes and shapes surrounded by all kinds of water bodies including rivers, oceans, and seas. Just a few out of them   accommodate humans. Because, in order to allow human habitation they should be large enough, to hold everything human.

A large number of them are small. And the smallest of them until recently was Bishop Rock, which held Guiness Book of World Record for smallness. It’s an incredibly lonely lighthouse off the English Isles of Scilly. 

When the lighthouse was automated in 1982, Bishop Rock ceased to have human presence, forfeiting its title.

As a result, the smallest island today with human habitation is the Just Enough Room Island. This tiniest inhabited island, as the name suggests, is barely the size of a tennis court.

The tiny speck sitting off Alexandria Bay in New York State has just enough room for a house and a tree. ‘One misstep and you're swimming’ says Washington Post. Measuring approximately 3,300 square feet – or one-thirteenth of an acre, it is big enough to fit a tennis court.

Once known as Hub Island, it forms part of the Thousand Islands archipelago on the St. Lawrence River, separating New York State from the Canadian province of Ontario. 

The island sits beside the famous Boldt Castle, a tourist attraction and landmark. Millionaire George Boldt built the private mansion between 1900 and 1904. In 1950, Sizelands, a wealthy family, purchased the island.

They built a cottage taking up nearly all dry land. However,their plans for a comfy holiday home backfired when tourists flocked to ogle the cottage.

A tourist attraction, the castle, located on Heart Island, is currently maintained by Thousand Island Bridge Authority.