How money kills the thrill of life

Once upon a time there was a miser who lived alone. He made money through dishonest ways and became richer by the day.  As money accumulated, he found it difficult to keep it home.

All day he mulled over ways to solve the problem. The more money he got, the more afraid he became. It could be stolen, he thought. This made him restless and he was in panic.

‘I have to find a solution somehow, to hide my money’, he whispered as he sauntered on the veranda. So one day he exchanged his money for a big gold bar. He then buried it at night where he thought no-one would find it.

That night he could not sleep at all. The fear of losing it kept him up through the night. Every morning he dug it up to make sure it was safe. He continued it every day. The miser grew more restless and his life became a misery.

Meanwhile, a thief had seen the miser’s activities. He was on his way home after robbing a nearby house. 

One night the thief visited the place where the miser was seen digging up and hiding something. The thief started digging up to find something strange. It was a huge ingot of gold. He couldn’t wait before running away with it.

The next day miser came to check for the gold. There was nothing but an empty pit. Shocked, he sat down and wailed loudly. Just then Freddy the fox passed by and asked him what the matter was.

When he heard what happened, Freddy could not stop laughing. "My friend, you should be laughing on yourself. When you had the gold you did not use it, and you were miserable. Now you have nothing to worry about", he said. The miser continued to wail loud cursing his idiocy.